Break Time: Jenny McCarthy shows the world she's still got it

Welcome to another edition of Break Time, the quickest round-up of what's cooking on the Web.

First, Jenny McCarthy proves she just gets better with age. The former Playboy playmate had the unenviable task of following Kate Upton as Car's Jr. spokesmodel, and rose to the task. McCarthy got super sexy for a new fast food ad, looking sultry as she ate ... a salad. That’s right, a salad. Watch the video above to see her steamy –yet healthy—take on the fast food chain.

Next, a new site called “Exploding Actresses” has popped up. The blog takes the leading ladies of some of Hollywood’s most iconic films and edits the footage to explode their heads. It’s just plain disturbing. Click the video for the photographic evidence.

Finally, Kim and Kanye had lots of people fooled when they reportedly sent out fake baby pictures of their newborn North West. The false photos were said to be a test to see if they could trust their so-called friends not to sell the images to the gossip rags. Hours later, the “photos” of North appeared online and Kim and Kanye showed us they can be pretty good pranksters.