Bravo star Noelle Reno's boyfriend impaled on fence, dies

Businessman Scot Young, who was dating Bravo's "Ladies of London" reality star Noelle Reno, died after falling from a fourth-story window in Montagu Square onto a fence and impaling himself, the Independent reports.

His death comes a year after his high-profile divorce with his ex-wife Michelle ended in High Court. Young was ordered to pay her more than $31 million dollars after a judge found him guilty of hiding funds in offshore accounts.

Young had previously been jailed for six months after he was found in contempt for failing to provide financial information to the court.

Earlier this year, Reno told the Evening Standard that Young was stressed about his divorce and troubled over his dwindling finances.

"He still can't deal with it," the 31-year-old reality star said. "It has been so traumatic for him."

The 52-year-old was married to Michelle for 16 years and had two children before separating in 2006.

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    "We have been to hell and back," Michelle told the Evening Standard. "I am too upset to speak at the moment, I just have to look after my children and make sure they are OK. It is a very difficult time for us all."

    Metropolitan police said they were not treating Young's death as suspicious.