Bob Saget recalls drunken night in Vegas with John Stamos

Bob Saget slept with John Stamos in Vegas! In his hilarious memoir, “Dirty Daddy,” Saget recalls a trip to Sin City with his “Full House” co-star to go see, what else? An Elvis impersonator. 

The evening was supposed to be capped off by visiting some clubs but instead Stamos was forced to care for his inebriated friend who could barely move.

“It was like ‘Weekend at Bernie’s,” he laughingly told Rob Shuter of VH1’s “The Gossip Table.” “He took me back to one of the suites he had booked and ended up looking after me. He untied my shoe laces, he cut up my meat and fed it to me. It was probably closest to the ludes scene in ‘Wolf of Wall Street.’ I remember hearing it all like it was in slow motion and then I got put to bed.”

Uncle Jessie soon followed right next to his pal and when Saget awoke the next morning he realized he had just slept with John Stamos.

“There was never anything sexual between us but God knows he tried!” added Saget laughing.