'Big Bang Theory' star Kaley Cuoco says she dumped 'really famous' ex-boyfriend for being a 'bad tipper'

"Big Bang Theory" star Kaley Cuoco is speaking out about her “cheap” ex-boyfriend.

The actress described meeting the mystery man at 19 years old in a video for “Vogue” that was posted online March 30, the Daily Mail reports.

Cuoco called him “a hot guy” and said he was an actor, but she refused to reveal his real name. However, "Vogue" notes that he was "really famous."

“Let’s call him… 'John,' because if I told you his name you’d know who he is,” she confided.

WARNING: Video contains profanity

The actress said they began going out “on all these really adorable dates" and described him as a "magical" person who everybody loved.

“He wanted to take me on a really nice romantic dinner date. It was kind of a surprise,” she continued. “And I was so excited, because we hadn’t really done this yet.”

She said things went well and she offered to pay the bill, but “John” refused — and also turned down her offer to go Dutch. At one point, she recalled him examining the bill “really seriously.”

“At first I thought maybe he couldn’t see, maybe he needed glasses, I didn’t know him too well,” she explained.

According to her account, John got out his phone and went to the calculator function to crunch some numbers.

“I start to get a little bit hot, cause I think I’m realizing what’s happening. He’s multiplying like an eight percent tip — oh my God, he’s cheap,” she said. “He’s cheap. He’s a bad tipper.”

Growing up, Cuoco said her father “was like this known big tipper” — and that she’d need to be with someone similar “cause I was that way.”

The poor tipping behavior apparently continued as the relationship progressed. Cuoco eventually described going out to dinner with “John” and her family — and he offered to take the check.

“Oh my God, yeah, I bet you’re f----ing taking everyone out tonight,” she said. “$600 hundred dollar bill. You’re gonna leave 13 bucks. I was horrified.”

Cuoco said she was unable to tell her dad that her boyfriend was cheap.

“I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself. No matter how hot he was,” she said.

Cuoco recalled going back into the restaurant once to tip the server and splitting with “John” a week later.

The star has already ruled out one guess, denying it was "Big Bang Theory" co-star and ex-boyfriend Johnny Galecki on Instagram, confirming that he's a "great tipper," according to the Daily Mail.