'Big Bang Theory' Season 11, Episode 10 recap: Raj and Howard have a massive falling out

When he loses out on a big job opportunity, Raj has to redefine his relationship with Howard while Sheldon and Amy discover that wedding planning is hard, even for geniuses, in Season 11, Episode 10 of “The Big Bang Theory.”

The episode opens with Amy, Penny and, via video chat, Bernadette preparing for a girls’ night in. Raj almost immediately crashes the party to seek fashion advice on an outfit for an important job interview. He’s been tapped for a potential gig choosing and narrating the shows at the planetarium. While the girls are able to help with his outfit, even though his first attempts were hideous, he has another issue. Raj is dealing with some serious confidence issues going into the interview and they result in a very bad performance.

“They asked me what my biggest weakness was and, 45 minutes later, they thanked me for coming,” he tells his dad.

Raj’s father quickly identifies the problem as Howard, who is constantly poking fun at Raj and shaking his confidence. Leonard agrees, but Penny believes it’s just what friends do. Leonard protests saying that Penny can be kind of a Howard to him.

“I think we’re both done being disrespected!” Raj says confidently.

“I’ve got a few rounds left in me,” Leonard says after a sharp look from his wife.

Still Raj confronts Howard and tells him that they need some time apart. The results are immediate and astounding. After a few days away, Raj not only looks better, but he manifested the confidence to go back to the planetarium and convince them that not choosing him would be a big mistake.

Meanwhile, Sheldon and Amy are still trying to plan their wedding. However, they’re both incredibly big personalities and their needs and requirements are both vast and clashing. They develop a system wherein decision are randomly assigned, but that falls apart as soon as they realize they can tank a choice as a bargaining chip.

Just as Sheldon is about to suggest a cake made with salt instead of sugar, Amy recognizes that the only thing they can agree on is that they want to get married. With that, they decide on a city hall wedding. Not wanting to wait, Sheldon suggests the following day.

“I mean, it’s not that I think we’re living in sin, but I do like the idea that our next act of intimacy will be a legal requirement,” he says.

They find themselves dressed up for the big day, with Amy having no reservations about not having a big party to go with their nuptials. Sheldon, however, has reservations. He stops them just before going in to get married saying that he never thought he’d meet someone like her. In fact, in a career of many scientific discoveries, he considers his love for her to be his greatest.

“When you make a discovery like this, you don’t just take it down to city hall,” he says. “You tell the whole world. So I’ll say it in Latin or Klingon or smoke signals if that’s not cultural appropriation.”

So, no need to fear “Big Bang Theory” fans, there will be a wedding episode for Sheldon and Amy, but this isn’t it.

This episode ended on a low note as Howard sneaks into confident Raj’s first narration at the planetarium. He does so well that a woman approaches him after to ask him to get coffee. Howard was going to say hello, but left when he saw how much better his best friend is without him.