'Avengers' star Scarlett Johansson addicted to buffalo wings

Scarlett Johansson was picture perfect in her form-fitting black Versace dress at the Los Angeles premiere of “The Avengers.”

However, the butt-kicking super hero insisted that it’s only a matter of time before she packs on the pounds.

“Oh my good [I am obsessed] with buffalo chicken wings, I am addicted to them,” Johansson told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “You will have to roll me down the red carpet next time you see me.”

Johansson’s new-found food of choice comes on the heels of the super strict diet and workout regime she followed to be able to slip into a skin-tight “Black Widow” suit for the highly anticipated Marvel Comics blockbuster.

“You have to eat a really clean diet, a lot of kale and salmon. Basically you get all your nutrients and then training like crazy,” she explained. “The training is crazy, but you just suck it up and do it. There is a lot of strength training and agility training, and fight choreography. You go in, and you just do it.”

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So the result of all that blood, sweat and tears?

“It was absolute nonstop action, it was intense and just a rollercoaster of fights, stunts and explosions,” she said. “Then of course you have all these characters that do not belong together, and we are in the same room, and try to fight it out between us.”

And for the record, even as Johansson walked away, we heard her chatting about those tasty buffalo wings.

“I can’t stop eating them," she whispered to her publicist. "I just can’t get enough."