When one thinks of an "arranged marriage," it usually means a couple who skips the dating process and is set up by their parents or a matchmaker.

However, this type of arrangement is antiquated, according to the stars of FYI's "Arranged." The couple have a modern-day arrangement, they explained to FOX411.

"We’re aware that our story of meeting and becoming friends first may not fit the idea some people have on arranged marriages. The traditional sense of arranged marriages is a little bit outdated – where your parents find your future spouse," "Arranged's" Mayur told us. "Our marriage is a modern take on an arrangement...My friends were a bit taken aback by the depth to which the families were involved."

Mayur met Maneka when she applied for a job at his real estate company. Over the course of a year, their friendship blossomed into romance and after a couple of dates, Maneka asked Mayur to meet with her family.

"After a few dates, we decided to get more serious and she asked me to meet her parents at a casual dining restaurant," Mayur shared. He thought he was just meeting Maneka's parents so he was surprised when most of her family showed up at dinner.

"I was only prepared to meet two people and so it was an avalanche but it was very cool very nice welcoming. They wanted to ensure that I was serious and that they would approve."

Maneka, who comes from a more traditional Indian background, explained that she needed her family's absolute approval in order to date and marry Mayur.

"Everyone of [my family members] had to meet him and approve and give us their thoughts and everything like that," Maneka explained. "If they didn't approve, I would not continue dating him. When it was time to talk about the wedding, we did go through a priest too [for approval.]"

Luckily for the pair, Maneka's family gave the go-ahead and the couple married. They both agree that arrangement is the way to go when it comes time for their future kids to find their spouse.

"I totally believe in what we call an [arranged marriage] because our parents got really involved with us."

For Maneka, her parent's approval meant everything because she had been married "for love" before but it ended in divorce.

"When people fall in love, they are blindsided and don't see a lot of things that family members see, so I would definitely like to oversee my children's future husband or wife."

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