Ali Fedotowsky 'cried her eyes out' after being criticized for having a nanny

Ali Fedotowsky thought she was being honest with her fans when she recently revealed on her blog -- All Things Ali Luvs -- that she hired a nanny.

In the post -- titled "I have help - and gasp, even a nanny!" -- the mom of two explained how it "takes a village," gushing about the people in her life that make her "life and work possible."

The "Bachelorette" alum -- who shares 2-year-old daughter Molly and 1-year-old son Riley with husband Kevin Manno -- went on to give details about her life like how she's a "stay at home (working) mom." Fedotowsky points out that running her website is a "full-time job" and in addition, she works part-time on a TV show.


However, the former reality star was criticized for calling herself a "stay-at-home mom," which prompted her to issue both an edit on her post as well as take to her Instagram Story on Friday.

"Just like cried my eyes out reading some comments on my blog," Fedotowsky admitted in her Instagram Story. "I'm gonna try not to cry on here because I don't want to let it get to me more than it already has. I wrote a blog post the other day about having a nanny... All of the projects I was working on was starting to be too much and I needed some help. So we hired somebody."

"And I really wanted to finally start spending a little time working on myself," Fedotowsky continued. "Like going to a workout class which I'm about to do now."

The “Ali Luvs” blogger went on to explain that the point of her post was that so when people do come across her social media accounts, they know she has help and they don't set unrealistic expectations for themselves.

(Ali Fedotowsky Instagram)


"And I wanted people to know that even though it looks like I was doing it all on social media like having my hair done nice and my make up done and working all of these jobs while my kids looking put together. I wasn't doing it alone! I didn't want people to see that and feel bad about themselves. I didn't want people to scroll through Instagram and think that they should be living up to that to without the help that I have."

Fedotowsky acknowledged that she realizes not everyone is as fortunate.

"I just wanna say I know how lucky I am," she stated. "I know that I am so freaking lucky that I'm at a place in my life where I can breathe a little bit and go to a workout class and get a little bit of help. I know all moms are not this fortunate!"

The 34-year-old continued: "I know some moms help is their kids going to school so they can go work the hardest job ever and then come home and be exhausted and be a full-time mom again. I know you don't get to go to workout classes. I am sorry if my blog didn't come across that way. Just wanted to help people."

(Ali Fedotowsky Instagram)

"Didn't want you guys see on social media to make you feel like you should live up to the perfect photos of moms with blown out hair, full make up, and perfectly clean house. I'm not perfect and I'm sorry," she concluded.

On her blog, Fedotowsky wrote an edit saying she is "not a stay at home mom" and that she was "just trying to convey" that she is lucky she gets to work from home "most days" and be with her kids. "But it's also hard to get work done," she added.


In January, Fedotowksy got candid with Fox News about what it's like raising two kids under three.

“You figure when a second kid comes in it’s going to be twice as hard, but it’s not. It's like 10 times as hard or at least for me it has been,” she told us at the time. “Everything changes.”

“Everything is harder and there’s no real break, but it’s awesome,” gushed the proud mama.