Former child star Alexa PenaVega is now getting ready to have a child of her own.

Best known for her role as Carmen Cortez in the '00s "Spy Kids" series, PenaVega, now 28, is excited about her expanding family.

"[My husband] Carlos and I wanted kids for a while, but this industry does not make it easy for  you to be pregnant," she told Fit Pregnancy and Baby. "But we realized that the 'perfect time' doesn’t exist. So, about six months before I was scheduled to go on 'Dancing With the Stars,' I had my IUD removed and said, 'Whatever happens, happens.'"


(Coliena Rentmeester)

Six months passed, and the couple were not pregnant. PenaVega said she blamed herself because she had an eating disorder when she was younger.

"Even though my doctor said I was healthy, I felt so guilty about it. It's such an emotional ride, and you blame yourself for everything."

That's when the married couple started using an ovulation kit. The actress was worried that scheduling sex would mean losing their spice.

"I found there's such a difference between having sex when you’re trying for a kid and when you aren't," the expecting mom shared. "For us, sex became so much more intimate, beautiful, and passionate when we were trying. Suddenly the realization hits you: 'Oh my God, we could be starting another life!'"

However, their sex life took a turn when PenaVega got pregnant.

"Of course, once I got pregnant, I felt so bad for him, because between the puking and exhaustion, I was just done. Carlos kept saying, ‘I can’t wait for that horny state to kick in.’ He hasn’t read any of the books, but he knew about the horny state! Now, in my third trimester, I’m finally getting riled up again."