Actress who kissed Elvis, then became a nun, walking red carpet at Academy Awards

Dolores Hart – the actress who caused girls across the world to turn green with envy when she made her film debut kissing Elvis Presley in 1957’s "Loving You” – will join the ranks of the A-list at the 84th Academy Awards on Sunday, only this time her dress of choice will be a habit.

And it’s no costume.

Hart, or more appropriately Sister Dolores, turned her back on Tinseltown when she was 24 to become a Roman Catholic nun. Her unique story became the subject of the Oscar-nominated HBO documentary “God is Bigger Than Elvis,” slated to premiere on April 5.

And although times have changed, Hart is somewhat familiar with Oscar proceedings, having attended as a presenter in 1959. The striking blonde – who was often compared to Grace Kelly – went on to share the silver screen with everyone from Stephen Boyd and Montgomery Clift, to George Hamilton and Robert Wagner, but found herself falling for an even more famous figure.

“I think it is fantastic she will be there on Sunday,”  the film’s director Rebecca Cammisa told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “(Sister Dolores) still has a lot of charm and charisma, she definitely did not lose that when she went into the monastery.”

As a filmmaker, Cammisa was curious to learn not only why Hart walked away from such a stellar career, but also what she has been doing all these years, and what has kept her serving as a Benedictine nun.

“I hope the film will break the stereotype of who nuns are and what they do,” she continued. “Sister Dolores will be at the Oscars showing who she is now, and if people are curious and have questions, I’m sure she’ll clarify things for them.”

Don’t be surprised if the lady covered up in religious dress gets Brangelina-like attention as she roams the red carpet, as blogs and social network sites are already lighting up with comments and curiosities over the golden era actress’ appearance.

“It should be no surprise that a nun will appear on the red carpet at the Oscar awards. The influence of nuns is everywhere. The Sisters of Saint Francis have been active in corporate board rooms urging corporations to behave responsibly,” entertainment lawyer and a Lady of the Holy Sepulcher, Margaret Cone, said. “Throughout the world and in many of the most dangerous and unstable conditions, sisters are running orphanages, schools and hospitals. She will easily compete with the other stars in her veil and chic black.”

And Cammisa has her prayers out that not only will they walk away from Sunday’s ceremony with a golden statue in hand, but that Hart will get to return to the Oscar podium just like she did all these decades ago.

“If we do win, we will bring Sister Dolores to the stage,” she added. “We would love to have that opportunity.”

And if they win, will Hart do a Tebow? Stay tuned...

Danielle Jones-Wesley contributed to this report.