Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli aka Fonzie was the king of cool and ruled the “Happy Days” era. So it’s no wonder he was a hit with the ladies. But what was it that made Fonz so irresistible to women kind? We breakdown his badass persona:

1. Literally too cool for school



From the start of “Happy Days,” The Fonz made it clear that he was too cool for school—literally. He was a bad boy, a dropout, and though he tried to go back to school at some point, it didn’t work out. The ladies took notice. He eventually—in a casually kept secret—attended and completed night school.

2. Those sunglasses



Aviators aren’t just for airplanes. Fonzie sported his signature sunglasses, often indoors, leaving the ladies wondering what mysterious expression lie behind his dark shades. Smart move.

3. Tight jeans



If you’ve got it, flaunt it. And that’s exactly what Fonzie did. He popularized tight jeans, paired with a simple white T-shirt and –of course—a leather jacket. He looked good, and he knew it.

4. Motorcycle man

Earns Harley Davidson

A new 2007 Harley Davidson V-rod motorcycle sits outside a dealership next to a poster of an early Harley Davidson V-twin racer in West Bridgewater, Mass., Thursday morning, April 19, 2007. Harley Davidson, Inc., a 104 year-old American motorcycle builder, announced Thursday its first quarter profits fell 18 percent. (AP Photo/Stephan Savoia) (AP)

Fonzie’s sweet ride, a daring motorcycle, earned him lots of attention from ladies around town. On the bike, Fonz knew all the best tricks. In one memorable episode, he jumped over garbage cans with the bike. Risking your life for no apparent reason equals chick bait.

5. Bachelor pad



What girl doesn’t want to date a guy who has his own place? Sure, Fonzie’s place was attached to the Cunningham’s garage, but it was a hip bachelor pad nonetheless. From his solo apartment, Fonz could woo the girls... and he did.

6. Fonzie touch



The Fonz could bump a vending machine and free sodas would appear. He could snap and a juke box would change its tune. Those cool moves impressed men and women alike, but the ladies were definitely a fan of Fonzie’s magic music skills.

7. Perfect hair



Unlike other rebel characters, the Fonz never actually had to comb his hair. Every time he checked himself out in the mirror, he just looked flawless. At one point, Fonzie told Richie he carried a comb around in his pocket for nine years and never once had to use it. And yet, the ladies liked it anyway. Lucky, lucky guy.

8. Daredevil stunts



Jumping the shark? Fonzie invented it! He literally jumped over a shark, in fact, while waterskiing, pretty much securing his title as the ultimate daredevil.

9. Catchy catchphrases



From “Aaaay!” to “Sit on it,” Fonzie had plenty of ways of expressing himself—with very few words.  Sometimes he’d even answer the phone with just a simple “whoa.” On one occasion, The Fonz is shown sweet talking an airline hostess into a date (over the phone, mind you) simply after greeting here with “whoa.”

10. Auto expert



Fonzie knew how to care for cars. He was a mechanic, and he knew just what to prescribe for a vehicle in need of some TLC. His auto expertise constantly upped his cool appeal.

11. Office man



It takes a powerful guy to transform a men’s restroom into his own personal office, but that’s exactly what Fonzie made happen at Arnold’s. The walls were covered with women’s phone numbers, proving that The Fonz was the ultimate babe magnet.