Tyreek Hill

Tyreek Hill is an American football wide receiver playing for the Miami Dolphins in the National Football League. He is considered one of the most competitive receivers in the league, with numerous accolades, and holds multiple records from when he played for the Kansas City Chiefs. Before becoming a professional athlete, Hill played college football for various programs around the United States, including Garden City Community College, Oklahoma State, and the University of West Alabama. During the 2016 NFL Draft, Hill was selected by the Chiefs during the fifth round.

In just seven seasons of playing in the NFL for two different franchises, Hill has made career earnings of over $65 million. The biggest annual payout he has received so far occurred during the 2022 season with the Dolphins for $26 million. Currently, his career statistics stand at over 500 receptions, more than 7,700 receiving yards, 744 rushing yards, more than 1,000 return yards, and 59 receiving touchdowns.

He also holds various franchise records with the Chiefs from when he competed with them from 2016 until 2021. He holds the Chief's record for most receptions in a season, most receiving yards in a season, and most season touchdown receptions. As a rookie, Hill competed as a return playlist before moving to the role of wide receiver.

During his time with the Chiefs, Hill made a name for his speed combined with his effectiveness on the field. Moreover, Hill has won six Pro Bowls in his career and was named to the NFL 2010 All-Decade Team for his role as a punt returner. Hill also won a Super Bowl ring in 2020 while playing for the Chiefs. During Super Bowl LIV, the Chiefs were led by quarterback Patrick Mahomes and defeated the San Francisco 49ers by a score of 31 to 20.