Name given to North Carolina's baby white rhino

The first white rhino born at the North Carolina Zoo in 41 years has been given a name. And it was picked out by her dad.

The Associated Press said the proud papa picked out the name Nandi  from three that were placed on poles stuffed with hay.

Nandi was a queen of the Zulus who died in 1827 in what is now known as South Africa. Nandi means "sweet" in Zulu, according to the website The site said it was also the name of the mother of Shaka, famed warrior king of the Zulus in colonial South Africa.

AP said the zoo let people vote on seven names of strong women, either real or fictional, to narrow the list of prospects to the three top contenders: Nandi, Mamba and Diana.

Nandi was born July 2. AP said zookeepers had almost given up on her pop ever impregnating a female. Now, said the wire service, a second female at the zoo is pregnant.