Man confronts reckless driver after witnessing crash in San Antonio

Caught on camera, a video showing a San Antonio driver swerving and hitting a concrete barrier has gone viral on social media. Many are calling the guy who recorded the video a “very good” Samaritan.

20 year old Deandre Lewis says he was driving home from speech class when he saw a truck in front of him recklessly driving.

"You know I'm just chilling and I see this crazy dude. And when I saw him put that blinker on, that's when I was like let me get my phone out cause I already know what's about to happen," he says.

The video shared Tuesday on Twitter by Lewis who witnessed the crash has been shared hundreds of thousands of times on social media.

"I was going down 410 on the Access Road I was turning left to get on the highway and then all of a sudden I see this guy turning left this is like two miles back. He tries to turn left with me, goes in a ditch, comes out of the ditch and I'm like whoa this guy is crazy."

After Manuel Rodriguez Rojas got out of the ditch that’s when Lewis starts recording. Rojas’ truck hits the embankment and goes airborne.

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