Georgia girl, 10, donates 167 pairs of shoes to Hurricane Harvey victims

Brianne Martinez, a 10-year-old from Georgia, has amassed quite the shoe collection: 167 pairs. And all of them are going to victims of Hurricane Harvey, she told Fox 5.

Her parents have been saving all of her shoes since she was born, with the hopes that someday she’d give them to her own children. But after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey affected thousands in Texas and Louisiana, Martinez changed the plan.

“I know that there are things more important than just keeping things,” she said.


Brianna’s father, Cesar, said the decision was hard for him but he’s proud of his daughter.

“It just tells me a lot about her,” Cesar told Fox 5. “She’s got all these shoes she could have seen later on, but in her heart now she knows some other kids are going to benefit from these shoes.”

“It was something that I wanted to save for her, but I’m looking at all the shoes and there is going to be little babies to 10-year-olds. I mean, it’s not just going to be one age that she’s going to be helping.”

Brianna said she enjoys helping others so donating her shoes makes her feel really good.

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