Missouri mom donates breast milk to Harvey victims

A Missouri mother has donated 1,040 ounces of breast milk to victims left devastated by Hurricane Harvey. Danielle Palmer, of Owensville, said she was moved to help after watching footage of the storm on television, KMOV.com reported.

Palmer, who has three children, has an excess supply of breast milk because of her youngest son’s health issues.

“Truett has a congenital heart defect along with other underlying anomalies,” Palmer told KMOV.com. “For a big chunk of his life, he was unable to take my milk. Most of his nutrition came through IV.”  

With the help of her son’s speech therapist, who is part of the Guiding Star Missouri organization, Palmer packed her donation into a freezer and shipped it along with other supplies to a breast milk bank, where it will be tested before being distributed to moms in need.


The goal is for the milk to reach mothers who lost their supply when the power went out, or who lost it to the floodwaters.

“I can’t imagine being in a situation where you’re losing everything and just the fear of all of that,” Palmer told the news outlet. “All I could do was sit and pray for the moms and dads and kids. Beauty can come from this. It won’t be bad forever.”

Palmer shared a photo of her donation on Facebook where it has been picked up by various news outlets and parenting blogs. The post has received praise from moms across the country.

“We have each other’s backs,” Palmer told KMOV.com. “We take care of each other. Breast-feeding is hard. Whether you’re pumping or feeding or however it may be, it’s hard. And we’re like momma bears. We protect one another.”