MORNING BRIEF: Hannity: Russia allegations 'boomeranging back' on Democrats

Fox News' Sean Hannity said Monday night that the ongoing controversy over Russian interference in the 2016 election campaign had rebounded onto the Democrats and "opened the door for their own investigations and real trouble."

In his opening monologue, the "Hannity" host proclaimed that, "real colluders are the ones who have been claiming collusion."


The Trump administration said late Monday that it had discovered evidence that the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad could be planning another chemical weapons attack.

Press Secretary Sean Spicer said in a statement that "The United States has identified potential preparations for another chemical weapons attack by the Assad regime that would likely result in the mass murder of civilians, including innocent children."


The U.S. Navy destroyer that slammed into a cargo ship in Japanese waters in mid-June, killing seven crew members, failed to react to warning signals in the moments leading up to the crash, the Phillippine-flagged ship’s captain said Monday.

The captain of the ACX Crystal said the container ship flashed lights toward the USS Fitzgerald after it “suddenly” began heading on a collision course near Tokyo Bay on June 17, Reuters reported, citing a copy of Ronald Advincula's account to Dainichi Investment Corporation, the ship’s owner.


The chilling confessions of two teenage killers believed to be Britain’s two youngest double murderers have been revealed, after judges allowed the pair to be identified last week.

Three Court of Appeal judges in London lifted a prohibition banning the identification of Kim Edwards, 15, and her 15-year-old boyfriend Lucas Markham, in the murders of Elizabeth and Katie Edwards, Katie's mother and sister, as they slept at their home in Lincolnshire in April 2016. The two hatched the plan after her mother tried to break them up, according to The Sun.


Three CNN journalists who worked on a now-retracted story about Russia and a top Trump adviser are leaving the network.

CNN is casting their departure as resignations in the wake of the fiasco, but the network has come under substantial criticism since apologizing for the story. The move would also help CNN’s legal position in case of a lawsuit.


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