Embarrassing Awards Show Moments

  • 0601091610_M_Eminem_and_bruno_450.jpg
    Was it staged? An accident? It wasn't pretty either way when funnyman Sacha Baron Cohen (as his gay Austrian alter ego Bruno) flew over the audience to present an award and was suddenly dropped, landing right on Eminem with his bare bottom in the rapper's face. Bruno brushed it off, but Eminem stormed out of the show.

  • 0601091610_M_Britney_Spears_450.jpg
    Britney Spears made a humiliating attempt at a comeback at the 2007 MTV VMA's, wandering around the stage with a glazed over expression in a very ill-fitting bikini.

  • 0601091610_M_Dave_Letterman_450.jpg
    David Letterman embarassed himself with his infamous "Oprah, Uma; Uma, Oprah" line while hosting the 1995 Academy Awards, which had both Oprah Winfrey and Uma Thurman peeved, and Letterman out of a plum hosting gig.

  • 0601091610_M_Courtney_Love_450.jpg
    After the 1995 MTV VMA's, a belligerent Courtney Love interrupted Madonna's interview with Kurt Loder by throwing the contents of her purse at the singer. Courtney then stormed up the steps and barged in on the interview before taking a tumble backward, revealing her lady bits to the stunned Material Girl.

  • 0601091610_M_Liz_Taylor_450.jpg
    Elizabeth Taylor made a spectacle of herself at the 2001 Golden Globe Awards. The legendary actress staggered on stage, ignored the teleprompter, and ripped open the envelope without bothering to read the nominees. Producer Dick Clark ran onstage to assist her and when announcing the winner, she famously squealed, "Glaaadddiatoorrr."

  • 0601091610_M_Tim_Commerford_450.jpg
    Rage Against the Machine bassist Tim Commerford took bizarre musician antics to the next level when he stormed the VMA stage while Limp Bizkit was accepting an award and climbed a 15-foot stage display overhead. As Fred Durst awkwardly went on with his acceptance speech, an army of security guards tried to get the crazed rocker to come down. They succeeded and Timmy was promptly arrested.

  • 0601091610_M_Kanye_West_450.jpg
    Kanye West humiliated himself at the 2004 American Music Awards by acting like a big baby and storming after losing in the Best New Artist category, and later claiming "I felt like I was definitely robbed. I was the best new artist this year."

  • 0601091610_M_Fifty_Cent_450.jpg
    Fifty Cent also made a fool of himself when he walked onstage with group Evanescence after they beat him out for Best New Artist at the 2004 Grammy Awards. He later stated: "I don't understand how (Evanescence) got best new artist. I will never go back to the Grammy Awards ever in my career."

  • 0601091610_M_Danny_Bonaduce_450.jpg
    Things turned ugly at Fox Reality Channel's Really Awards when Danny Bonaduce body slammed former "Survivor" villain Johnny Fairplay, leaving the infamous liar bloodied, bruised, and missing a few teeth. We guess that's Karma for lying about your grandma being dead to win a contest, Johnny!

  • 0601091610_M_Lindsay_Lohan_450.jpg
    Lindsay Lohan picked the wrong outfit for the 2006 Kids Choice Awards, and when she skipped onto the stage to accept her award, she ended up flashing her bare bum among other regions to millions of kids. If that wasn't embarrassing enough, she got slimed about a minute after the full moon.