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Extreme Foods

KFC goes even bigger on its updated Double Down sandwich


The Zinger Double Down King has two slabs of fried chicken, bacon and a burger in the middle. Oh my. (KFC)

Craving fried chicken, a hamburger and bacon at the same time?

KFC recently introduced the KFC Zinger Double Down that gives you all the tastes in one bite. 

The Zinger Double Down King is a hamburger topped with bacon, barbecue sauce and "pepper dressing" sandwiched between two pieces of crispy fried chicken, sans the bun. 

This monstrosity builds on the fast food chain’s 2010 Double Down success --a cheese and bacon (no burger) sandwich also between two slabs of fried chicken.

According to the KFC website, the Zinger Double Down costs about $6 and has 750 calories. 

For now, you’ll have to travel to South Korea for a taste, but it just might be worth the trip.