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    Veteran memorials in 3 states vandalized ahead of Memorial Day


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    Can laser hair removal cause cancer?

    13 ways to improve recovery after a C-section

    4 things that could cut the cancer death rate in half

    5 foods that may increase your cancer risk

    Proud American

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    The Future of Tech

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    Injectable sponges used for first time to stop soldier's bleeding

    Tech project aims to create ‘virtual crime scenes’ for jurors

    End of permanent tattoos? Startup develops new high-tech ink


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    Paul Kalanithi: Why I gave up on atheism

    Obama just got one giant step closer towards creating a national gun registry

    High school students defy atheists, recite Lord's Prayer at graduation

    Memorial Day 2016: As summer begins remember this beach

    Election 2016

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    Trump aide Lewandowski defends Martinez criticism, says focus should be jobs and economy

    Rubio all-in for Trump, sorry for personal attacks

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    Johnny Depp has had a terrible week

    Cindy Crawford says hubby's tequila improves your sex life

    Justin Bieber gets naughty on social media

    Gwen Stefani celebrates son Kingston's birthday with help from Blake Shelton

    Food & Drink

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    Busted barbecue? Red Robin debuts grilling emergency hotline on Memorial Day

    Is your meat dangerous? USDA puts new warning labels on beef

    This common grilling tool could send you to the emergency room

    Nathan’s Famous celebrates 100 years with 5-cent hot dogs

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    2 suspects arrested in shooting of Georgia sheriff's deputy

    Veteran memorials in 3 states vandalized ahead of Memorial Day

    Cincinnati Zoo kills gorilla to protect small child in enclosure

    2 killed, 6 wounded, including 2 officers, in wild shooting in Houston

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