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    Miller rejects Anheuser-Busch's $104 billion buyout offer

    Hydrox's comeback: How the Internet revived a vintage cookie brand

    Chick-fil-A takes Manhattan as it continues to dominate nationally

    Franklin Barbecue bans professional spot-holders from line


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    Breast-fed infants may get enough vitamin D in mothers' milk

    Goth teens more likely to self-harm and be depressed

    70 at risk of infection in New Jersey after nurse reused flu shot syringes

    Maine toddler dies of E. coli after visiting county fair

    Election 2016

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    Acting out of weakness? Why Obama's dangerously wrong about Putin's intentions in Syria

    Mr. Obama, real leadership requires more than just a torrent of talk

    School cancels 'America Day'

    Gretchen's Take: NH polls should worry both parties


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    Air & Space

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    Welcome to the dark side: Comet's hidden face emerges

    Digging History

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    Extinct tree-climbing human walked with a swagger

    Wild Nature

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    ‘Ant island’ floats on South Carolina floodwaters

    Planet Earth

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    Antarctic scientists may face breathalyzer tests in attempt to curb drunkenness

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    FAA proposes record $1.9M fine against drone operator for 'unauthorized' flights

    GPS app directs woman to her death

    Facebook's first satellite will beam Internet to rural Africa starting in 2016

    5 ways an Apple Ring could enhance your life


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    Steve Rannazzisi seeking professional help for 9/11 lie

    Feds to probe Hollywood’s lack of female directors

    Shania Twain forced to cancel tour dates due to respiratory infection

    Holly Madison wouldn't want to see her daughter in Playboy

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    ‘I know how to defend myself’: SEAL who killed bin Laden responds to ISIS threat

    Oregon college shooter's mother discussed guns, 'lame' gun control laws in online posts

    Officers rescue store owner crushed by 125-pound python

    Texas executes inmate for killing man in $8 robbery


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    White House

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    Obama’s refugee resettlement plan could stir battle with states


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    Confusion hangs over start of US, Russia military talks on Syria

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