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    Smoked salmon recalled for potential listeria contamination

    'Muscle memory' may not really exist

    'Uber for yoga' app brings instructors to you

    Oxytocin hormone may boost spirituality


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    The best story of the day that the mainstream media will ignore

    Newt Gingrich: Trump won the debate. Don't believe the "Intellectual Yet Idiot" class

    The golden toilet and the 2016 presidential campaign

    Michael Goodwin: Trump clears the bar beautifully at first debate


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    Digging History

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    Ring-shaped geoglyphs found near ancient town in Peru

    Planet Earth

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    Solar Impulse team plans solar-powered satellite

    Wild Nature

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    Early cats traveled with Vikings and farmers

    Food & Drink

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    This is the best way to cure garlic breath, according to science

    Ample Hills rolls out gourmet Clinton, Trump ice cream flavors

    Virginia Beach restaurant under fire for using Kaepernick jersey as doormat

    How golf legend Arnold Palmer created one of the world's greatest drinks

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    Brad Pitt cancels red carpet appearance, cites 'family situation'

    Courteney Cox: Stop dragging Jennifer Aniston into Brangelina split drama

    Judge bans publication of hacked Pippa Middleton photos

    Michael Moore scuffles with Ohio theater over his political one-man show

    Business Leaders

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    Yellen: Fed May Change Stress Tests for U.S. Banks

    Duke Energy CEO: Natural Gas is A Real Game Changer

    No 401(k) Plan? No Problem, States Offer a New Solution

    Wells Fargo CEO Forfeits Millions as Board Orders Review

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    Wearable translation device promises a science-fiction future, almost

    FCC commissioner wants an investigation into Wi-Fi at presidential debate

    Ehud Barak wants to revolutionize emergency services with startup Reporty

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