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    Three things every Christian owes President Trump

    Sean Hannity: Trump's task is cleaning up after Obama

    The inauguration is why I love America

    Floyd Mayweather, Darren Blanton: It's time to really help America's inner cities


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    Barbecued and smoked meat tied to risk of death from breast cancer

    Illinois boy is youngest patient to receive artificial heart

    Far fewer men being treated for prostate cancer

    Brothers who got married together become fathers on same day

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    Michigan man arrested on 14th DUI charge

    Spectator killed during 1st stage of Monte Carlo rally race

    2017 Volvo S90 Test Drive

    Damning report suggests you'll never commute in Elio Motors' three-wheeler


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    Planet Earth

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    A new theory may finally explain fabled 'fairy circles'

    Digging History

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    Were Egyptian 'pot burials' a symbol of rebirth?

    Air & Space

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    Mud cracks on Mars suggest a watery ancient past

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    Continental Resources CEO Harold Hamm: Trump Can Jump-Start U.S. Oil Production

    Fox News Poll: Views on Obamacare Shift

    Fox News Poll: A Divided, Yet Optimistic Country Awaits Trump

    National Popcorn Day: All Hail the Kettle Corn King

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    Nancy Sinatra slams CNN for anti-Trump spin on story about her humorous tweet

    Chrissy Teigen says paparazzo bombarded her with racist questions

    Madonna says Trump has done us a great service because 'we have gone as low as we can go'

    Jon Voight says 'America will be saved' by Trump at inaugural event

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    Donald Trump had to trade-in his Android tweeting machine for a more secure device

    Army picks Sig Sauer's P320 handgun to replace M9 service pistol

    DC's digital shield: Cybersecurity ramps up for Trump inauguration

    Real-deal robocop spotted patrolling streets of NYC


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    Teen protects school bus from knife-wielding 10-year-old

    Man who allegedly stole $1.6M in gold flakes in NYC arrested in Ecuador; was reportedly deported 4 times

    Manning to reportedly lose transgender benefits with dishonorable discharge

    Drug lord 'El Chapo' Guzman arrives in New York to face charges