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Gordon Ramsay blasting random people on Twitter over 'painful' cooking skills

Celebrity chef stays busy with many projects in the works


Looks like the notoriously critical Gordon Ramsay is taking his on screen antics to the social media sphere.

The award-winning host of "Hell's Kitchen," known for his fierce temper and kitchen antics is now engaging with fans on Twitter for all 3.6 million of his followers to see.

Ramsay's newest digital cooking experience, "MasterClass," allows home cooks-- and even professional chefs-- how to elevate their own cooking techniques through over 20 in-depth lessons. The series, which shows viewers everything from how to select ingredients,  to perfecting knife skills, to building and plating great dishes, premiered Feb. 3. 

With that, fans are reaching out to Ramsay on Twitter to show off their meals cooked from his MasterClass. Sticking with his well-known persona, Ramsay doesn't refrain from doling out harsh critiques to chefs at home. 

One Twitter user posted an image of a large slice of what looks like cheese between two pieces of white bread and asked Ramsay to rate their sandwich out of 10.

Ramsay's reply?  “Idiot sandwich right there!”

Jamie Chambers asked Ramsay what the chef thought about his first attempt at cooking a salmon dinner with asparagus.

Ramsay responded, “Who stole your Asaparagus tips? Lost for words.”

But the chef, whose restaurants have won multiple Michelin stars, does have a few good things to say about some of the meals fans have shared online.

“Doing @GordonRamsay's smoky pulled pork with a chipotle mayo today,” said Jake Vezina on Twitter.

Ramsay responded with, “Looks great Jake.”

Another Twitter user reached out to Ramsay saying, “First attempt @GordonRamsay beef Wellington.” Ramsay again responded with kind words saying, “Looks good Ashley.”

Are you brave enough to post a photo of your homecooked MasterClass meal? You may just be lucky enough to get a response from Ramsay himself.