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Sunny Anderson's Super Bowl snack stadium will wow any party crowd

Food Network star Sunny Anderson shows us three different variations on this over-the-top party platter


The Super Bowl showdown between the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons may still be a few a days away but Food Network star Sunny Anderson is already prepping her spread.

The New York Times best-selling author and host of “The Kitchen," says you "gotta have some chips and you gotta have some dip," if you're hosting a party Feb. 5. 

But while chips and dip are essential, how you put it all together can be just as important.

Behold the Snack Stadium.

It's essentially a food diorama consisting of chips, celery, wings, pretzels, cucumbers and more. All the items are then combined together (dip in the middle, chips and other foods on the outside) to create an edible arena of goodies.

"I'm thinking if you’re not going to the game in Houston and youre having your own party at home, bring the stadium to you," Anderson told Fox News, who reiterated that a big game like the Super Bowl deserves a show-stopping party treat.

Anderson showed us how to make three different types of snack stadiums including a simple "Roasting Pan" stadium surrounded by peanut butter dipped pretzels; a "Snack Tray" stadium made with an oversized party tray lid and an "Office" stadium that utilizes pencil organizers (as bleachers) and supply trays to prop up dippables like crudite, chips, and pigs in a blanket.


Though these over-the-top party presentations look complex, Anderson assured us there's really not much too it. Plus they have an added bonus.

Said the Food Network star, "The beauty of a snack stadium is that you can constantly replenish and come back and refresh and make it look good throughout the game."

As for who Anderson wants to win Sunday, the New York sports fanatic didn't hold back.

She told Fox News, "Any team other than the Pats!"