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Gordon Ramsay keeps it casual with new restaurant on Las Vegas Strip

The celebrity chef serves up signature fish and chips on the Las Vegas strip


Gordon Ramsay's Fish & Chips at the Linq Promenade offers up a take-out style experience with a gourmet riff on crispy fried fish and a variety of spiced french fries.

The "chippy," as local Britons say, is Ramsay's fourth eatery in Sin City. His newest restaurant seats 25-30 patrons and the open kitchen space is set up to give locals and tourists a feeling of being on the British shore right in the heart of the strip. The menu has fish (of course) and shrimp but there's also chicken and sausage for non-seafood eaters. For dessert, Ramsay serves up a sticky sweet toffee pudding shake. 

Diners can even eat among London's iconic red telephone booths.

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At the grand opening Oct 7., Ramsay said fish and chips has been one of his favorite dishes since childhood. But are Americans ready for a classic English fish fry? 

When asked why he was bringing the iconic U.K. favorite to Vegas, the celebrity chef said, "When you look at the numbers of fish and chips we were selling at the Gastropub at Caesar’s Palace, whether it’s Rod Stewart having them after a concert, the demand for fish and chips went through the roof from day one, that’s how we hashed this idea.”

Fish & Chips joins Gordon Ramsay BurGR at Planet Hollywood Resort, Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill at Caesar's Palace and Gordon Ramsay Steak at Paris Las Vegas-- his first restaurant in Las Vegas that opened in 2012.

Known for his screaming outbursts on the hit reality show, "Hell's Kitchen," (now in its 16th season), Ramsay lauded the show's staying power, noting that not many shows make it to such longevity while offering some insights on how to be a successful chef in a hectic kitchen.

“Ninety percent of the battle in any kitchen is great communication and great prep, if the prep is done and the communication is done right, then trust me, you’re almost there,” Ramsay told FoxNews.com. 

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When it comes to supporting chefs on his show, Ramsay doesn't just talk the talk. He said that he rotates each winner between London and Vegas eateries so they get a true sense of the inner workings of Ramsay's restaurant operations. 

The new spot is managed and operated by one of his show's winners, Christina Wilson, of Season 10. Last year, Wilson was appointed to serve as Ramsay’s main executive for his company worldwide.