Hulk Hogan says he will not appear at Wrestlemania, but may return to WWE 'someday'

Looks like WWE fans are going to have to wait a little bit longer for Hulkamania to come back into the ring.

Hulk Hogan has confirmed that he will not be appearing at this year's WWE Wrestlemania event in New Orleans.

Hogan revealed the news to TMZ on Thursday and shut down the rumors that he would be making a comeback at the WWE event.

"No sir. No WrestleMania," Hogan said to the outlet. 

But when asked if would ever return to the WWE, the famed wrestler said, "Who knows, brother. Maybe someday, brotha." 

Though Hogan shut down the rumors that he would be attending Wrestlemania, his kids, Brooke and Nick Hogan, told TMZ that they would love for their dad to crash the Wrestlemania party in New Orleans. 

"I think he should go," Brooke said. "But I don't know anything." 

Nick chimed in and said despite getting older, his father is still in a great physical shape. 

"He's insane. At the age of 64 he still weighs 300-and-something pounds," Nick said then added if Hogan wanted to, he could get back into the ring and "drop dudes." 

"He could pick them up, drop them - can do it, yeah."

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