Maria Menounos has 'never been more excited about life' after brain tumor surgery

Two months after invasive brain surgery to remove a benign tumor, Maria Menounos has had an awakening.

The self-proclaimed workaholic has restructured her priorities telling Us Weekly, "What this has done is shift my focus into more of like a mind, body, spiritual kind of grounding that needs to happen.”

The television host's frightening diagnosis made her take a second look at her life and focus on her well-being rather than solely her busy career.

"I think this has convinced me to give myself more time, mentally, to breathe." The mag says the 39-year-old was encouraged by her therapist to foster relationships with her friends.

"It’s not that I don’t have female friends — I was just working. There was never, 'Hey, let’s have drinks!' It was always work, work, work."

Now that she has re-focused her life, Menounos is ready to wed her long-time partner Keven Undergaro.

Menounos said, "A few weeks after I was home from surgery, I was like, "'We need to get married! We need to have kids! I can’t wait anymore.' But it’s like, 'Alright, let’s get better first.'”