'America's Got Talent' recap: Auditions round strikes controversy among the judges

Even in round five of the auditions, the latest season of “America’s Got Talent” showed no signs of slowing down. Despite some incredible acts, there was friction behind the judges’ table as the foursome found themselves split over many contestants.

The night started off with a mystifying magic act that proved the power of the “AGT” competition. When 15-year-old Henry Richardson took the stage, it meant way more to him than a chance at fame and a prize. The magician says he’s never missed a season of the show and began watching it with his dad. Together, he said, they took a liking to the magic acts, which inspired Henry to start practicing. With the help of his dad, he developed an act that wowed all four judges into dropping their jaws and sending him unanimously through to the next round. Sadly, the victory was in memory of his father, who passed away from lung cancer. Fortunately, his mother was there to remind him how proud he’d be to see him advance.

After that, things took a bit of a turn with the unorthodox routine of Deuntay Diggs, a uniformed police officer who said he was there to show people that law enforcement are people just like everyone else. He then proceeded to do a dance routine that, while unexpected given his uniformed aesthetic, just wasn’t up to the standards of some of the great acts that have already taken the “AGT” stage this season alone. In the end, he was given four buzzers and sent packing with some words of encouragement to keep being an example in his community.

This is where the judges’ agreement ended for a good stretch of the episode. The closest encounter came when Sara Carson took the stage with her dog Hero. She explained that dog training was her only passion, which her family didn’t take seriously. Some, she said, went as far as to stop talking to her. With just her dream and trusty companion, she took the stage for a choreographed routine in which she engaged in a sword fight with her pooch.

Mel B and Howie Mandel were out after it was all over. Simon Cowell and Heidi Klum were in, but that wouldn’t be enough. Realizing that her dream might be over before it starts, Carson began to tear up on stage. Cowell, couldn’t take this and stormed the stage to implore Mel or Howie to change their minds.

“Trust me on this, I saw something you didn’t see,” he said.

Eventually, Howie changed his mind and the young woman was sent to the next round.

Later in the evening, the tables were turned when Simon was the only defector against the other three. A trio of acrobats projected their movements on a screen so that crawling on the floor, to the perspective of the audience, looked like flying through the air. Simon called it the worst act he'd seen this season, while the others were wholeheartedly on board. It seems, when there’s disagreement among the judges, it works out for the contestant as the boys were sent forward.

The evening closed on a high note, literally, with the awe-inspiring music stylings of Carlos DeAntonis. The cab driver from Miami took the stage with a peppy personality, playing with his sunglasses and waving to the crowd. His personality didn’t match his act, however, as he opened his mouth and a slow, yet beautiful, opera voice rang out through the theater. It wasn’t long before the audience was on its feet and the judges were leaning all the way back in their chairs with mouths agape. When it was all said and done, the crowd’s reaction brought the performer to tears and his four “yes” votes from the judges was the icing on the cake.