'Dancing with the Stars': Mr. T says show should stop with 'jibber jabber'

Fox411: Mr. T says No crying on 'Dancing With The Stars'


Did Mr. T just diss "Dancing with the Stars"?

The determined TV and movie tough guy and cancer survivor loves competing on the hit ABC reality show with partner Kym Johnson Herjavec.

But he does have one issue with "DWTS"—the way eliminations are handled.

Mr. T told FOX411 about singer Charo's ouster on Monday night's show, "That's the nature of the beast. Mr. T might be going next week. I ain't going cry. It's entertainment. It's a show."

He added, "I sent out a Tweet, 'Dancing with the Stars' should stop the jibber jabber. They shouldn't make the departure of a dancer so tear jerky because nobody's going to war. They're not dying. They're just off the show.

"We'll see 'em later, in another project. In a movie or something! We'll see them on the Jimmy Kimmel Show or something. C'mon!" 

In a series of hilarious tweets before Monday's live show, the former "A Team" star objected to the time-honored tradition of "DWTS" saying an emotional farewell to the axed celebrity.

He wrote, "Instead of All other couples Surrounding, Hugging, Padding, Handshakes and giving Farewell Kisses to the 1 Leaving. Just say 'See You Later.' "

In another Tweet, the star indicated he pitied the fool who takes eliminations oh-so-seriously, writing, "It's Not the End of the world when someone Scores Low and has to leave!"

As Fox News readers know, Mr. T always keeps it real and is guided by his strong Christian faith. He told us, "I answer only to God."

And he's having a blast showing the softer side of himself on "DWTS."

During Monday night's Las Vegas tribute, fans saw him doing a foxtrot to the Dean Martin song, "Ain't That A Kick In The Head" in a white suit and top hat.

Although Mr. T tied for last place at 24 out of 40 points--with the eliminated Charo and bull rider Bonner Bolton--he was happy with the judges' feedback.

Julianne Hough called him "debonair" and Bruno Tonioli raved, "You got the style and feel of the number."

The star touched viewers by saying he hadn't felt as handsome since his prom in the elegant outfit.

Mr. T will turn 65 in May and told reporters backstage of the milestone, "I gotta check with AARP. I call on all the senior citizen voters—yes, I'm dancing for them."

But seriously, he said, "I'm going to celebrate like I always try to celebrate my birthday. I'm going to go down to the homeless shelter and take some food to the people. I don't celebrate eating cake and ice cream and all that stuff because there are people who don't have food….that's who I am."