Sienna Miller affair made marriage 'stronger,' says Balthazar Getty

Balthazar Getty, left, and Sienna Miller.

Balthazar Getty, left, and Sienna Miller.  (Reuters)

The actor who infamously engaged in an extramarital affair with Sienna Miller now says it made his relationship with his wife “stronger.”

Balthazar Getty, best known for his roles in "Brothers & Sisters" and "Alias," made headlines in 2008 when stories surfaced that he was having an affair with Miller. Paparazzi pictures showed the pair holidaying in Italy, with Miller sunbathing topless.

Getty and his wife Rosetta separated for two years following the scandal, but in a new interview with the Evening Standard, he says they’re now better than ever.

He says the infidelity made he and Rosetta’s relationship “stronger:” “Without going down, you can’t rise again,” he says.

As a member of one of America’s most rich and powerful families, the Gettys, 41-year-old Balthazar said it took him until the age of 40 to feel he’d carved out his own identity.

“I’ve gotten more comfortable with who I am, where I come from, and being ‘a Getty’,” he says. “I don’t see it anymore as something I need to run from, or prove to people that I’m not who they might perceive me to be. I’ve been able to own that and feel good about it.”

Miller, 34, was in a high profile on-off relationship with actor Jude Law for years which she later admitted she’d “sabotaged” by pursuing other men — among them, Getty and James Bond star Daniel Craig.

“I sabotaged things. I burnt a lot of bridges,” she said in 2014.

“I was really naive, I think. Not green as grass — I was by no means an innocent — but I had faith in the goodness of everyone. I was very open. And that led me into all sorts of situations that backfired.”

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