'Jeopardy' player talks sex during meet-and-greet segment

“Jeopardy” contestants are full of funny, strange and sometimes boring anecdotes during the brief meet-and-greet segment that traditionally follows the show’s first commercial break. On Wednesday’s show, contestant Liz Miles shook things up when she used her spotlight segment to talk about the sex habits of Japanese Men.

Miles is a doctoral candidate in anthropology from New Haven, Conn. When host Alex Trebek paused to chat with her, she decided to discuss her dissertation research and how “the media reports get a lot wrong about Japanese men.”

Taking the bait, Trebek replied, “OK, give me one – just one – point about it.”

Miles was ready with her answer. “I think there’s a lot of claims going around that Japanese men don’t have sex. Am I allowed to say that?”

An emphatic Trebek assured her she was and Miles continued.

“I found, it depends on how we define sex,” she said.

Trebek was then ready to move on and backed away from Miles to interview the next player remarking, “OK… It always comes around to that doesn’t it?”