Tribeca Film Festival

Robert De Niro previews Tribeca Film Festival

Originally created to help revitalize downtown Manhattan after 9/11, the Tribeca Film Festival has grown over the years in size and notoriety. FOX411 spoke with co-founders Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal about what’s in store this year when the annual event kicks of April 15.

“It’s hard to believe that it’s been 25 years,” De Niro told FOX411. “You always hear that… when you get there, you'll get it, but that’s what happens.  It's hard to believe but it’s 25 years.”

Rosenthal said that this year there are a lot of risk-taking filmmakers that are sure to make for a great event.

“It's a lot of creative process and curiosity, and a lot of filmmakers… producers who are trying their hand at directing and artists, visual artists, who are trying filmmaking and experimenting with new technologies. So there’s people just pushing boundaries all over the place,” she said.

The festival opens with the "Saturday Night Live" documentary "Live From New York!" Throughout the event is a mix of documentaries and narratives, big Hollywood stars taking on indie roles, Q&A sessions, and more. It concludes April 25th with a 25th anniversary restored screening of “Goodfellas” complete with a cast reunion.

Watch the video above for more of FOX411’s interview with De Niro.