Former reality star and ex-girlfriend of Hugh Hefner Holly Madison is reportedly suing multiple people involved in her Las Vegas show, "1923 Bourbon and Burlesque by Holly Madison," claiming she was secretly filmed in her dressing room.

A similar suit was filed by other showgirls, claiming they were also filmed without their knowledge or consent.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the lawsuits claim the managers who hired Madison and ran the venue captured and distributed images of the showgirls, including Madison, naked and changing costumes.

FOX411 reached out to Madison’s PR firm and her agent but they declined to comment.

The suit alleges Madison became aware of the alleged filming when two other showgirls noticed the camera’s feed in their manager’s office and complained.

After news of the cameras spread among the women, Madison’s agent allegedly met with the manager who claimed the recordings were “not a big deal.”

An attorney for the club, Jared Kahn, told FOX411 there was never a hidden camera installed in Madison’s dressing room. Kahn says Madison and other dancers chose to change in a public corridor near a backdoor exit that was under general surveillance.

“Once management learned of the camera it was re-positioned to monitor a smaller area,” Kahn said. “The performers elected to change costumes in the public corridor when they really could have dressed in the private area that was available to them."

Kahn said “it’s not true” that 1923 management viewed video of Madison or other showgirls in the privacy of their own office.

"We are not aware of any dissemination of the video,” Kahn said. “The video system has a log that shows what images have been captured off it and there was no images that have ever had a captured image report off it."

Kahn said he thinks Madison is using this as a publicity stunt.

"This was not an issue until 1923 became involved with contract negotiations with Holly last summer,” Kahn said. “This is really part of filling up her memoir."

Madison originally joined the sexy burlesque show at Mandalay Bay last April. The show, with a 4-piece band and jazz vocalist, was billed as an exciting new venture for Madison who is a well-known entertainment name in Vegas.

By the end of the summer Madison was no longer appearing in the show. Her name and pictures were eventually removed from the venue and advertisements.

Fox News' Jr. Reporter Matt Finn contributed to this report.

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