Wake Up and Smell the News 10/5

Some of the stories featured in newspapers across Latin America, today, October 5, 2010:

Venezuela: Hugo Chávez’s denial that Venezuela is a training ground for ETA terrorists, and the Spanish government’s demand for more information about the suspects' activities in the country are on the front page of El Nacional. The daily continues to protest censorship by featuring a gagged smiley face in its logo.

Mexico: Doctors are fleeing from violence-torn border cities reports El Universal in a continuation of its series on the effects of drug violence on the social fabric of places like Ciudad Juárez. The local hospital cannot fill empty positions. Read the full story in Spanish.

Perú: At 110 years of age, Micaela Corgacho Oviedo is Peru’s oldest voter, reports El Comercio. She was proud to fulfill her civic duty, she told the journalists, but could not remember for whom she had cast her ballot. Read the full article in Spanish here.

Dominican Republic: The training camps open for the start of the winter baseball season. Listin Diario tours the camps and reports on the mood in each.

Chile: Is Esther Cohen the Susan Boyle of Chile? El Mercurio reviews the dramatic performance of the Chilean reality TV star.