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Millions Around the World Celebrate Chilean Miners' Rescue

People from around the world express joy at the miracle in Chile

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  1. The Ultimate Ride to Freedom

    Inside similar capsule helping rescue Chilean miners

  2. A Great Sense of National Pride

    The rescue of all 33 trapped Chilean miners sparks spectrum of emotions and lessons learned

  3. Crews Prep for Miner Rescue

    Chilean crews prepare to lower capsule to save 33 trapped miners

  4. Chile Mine Rescue Enters Final Stage

    Trapped miners debate order of exit

  5. U.S. Company Saves Chilean Miners

    Capsule designer reacts to mining rescue

  6. Rescued U.S. Miner Reacts to Rescue Operation in Chile

    Tom Foy freed from Quecreek Mine in Pennsylvania

  7. American Watches Friend's Rescue From Chilean Mine

    Rescue of one Chilean miner has special meaning to Georgia man

  8. End in Sight for Trapped Miners?

    Rescue teams say Chilean miners could be free soon

  9. Trapped Miners on Verge of Freedom

    33 trapped Chilean miners close to rescue

  10. Will Miners Have Trouble Readjusting?

    Psychological effects facing Chilean miners post-rescue

  11. First Miner Rescued From Chile Mine

    Rescue capsule surfaces with first of 33 miners trapped over two months

  12. American Connection in Chile Mine Rescue

    Brilliant work by American drillers helped to make rescue possible

  1. Chilean Miners Found Alive Underground

    Rescuers work to free 33 men who survived deadly mine collapse

  2. Chilean Trapped Miners Close to Freedom

    Rescue crews prepare shaft to remove miners

  3. Miracle in Chile

    A look back at the inspiring rescue of all 33 trapped Chilean miners

  4. Final Chilean Miner Rescued

    All 33 trapped miners saved after longest underground entrapment in human history

  5. Chilean Miners: What Is Their Condition?

    Their survival is miraculous, but miners may have an assortment of health concerns after ordeal

  6. Obama Chile

    Obama visits Chile

  7. What We Can Learn From Chile's Miners

    Peter Johnson Jr.'s message of hope after miracle rescue

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