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Dominican Republic

'Search and Rescue Mission'

Plane disappears after departing from Dominican Republic

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  1. Rangel Ethics Violations

    Michael Faulkner, Republican candidate for NY's 15th district weighs in on issue

  2. Rangel Has His Say on Ethics Charges

    All-Star panel responds to congressman's words on House floor

  3. Will Rangel Cost Democrats Votes?

    Karl Rove on what impact ethics charges will have at polls

  4. Criminal Charges From Rangel Probe?

    Because You Asked: Doug Burns weighs in

  5. After the Show Show: Living Legend

    Liza Minnelli on life, music

  6. Did Rangel's Fiery Speech Help or Hurt His Case?

    Democratic pollster Doug Schoen on embattled New York congressman's future

  7. 'Strategy Room' AM Newsbreak 7/30

    Latest headlines from the 'Strategy Room'

  8. Hotel Photos: Things Aren’t Always What They Seem gives the ‘real’ reviews of luxury hotels

  9. Cholera Outbreak Far From Over

    Haiti still worried about disease

  10. Earthquake Relief

    Is race an issue with helping Haitians?

  11. Child Trafficking? Misunderstanding?

    Church group in legal tug of war over alleged Haitian orphans

  12. Journalist Warned Church Group in Haiti

    Reporter who advised Americans not to remove children from country speaks out

  1. Rangel Addresses Ethics Charges on House Floor

    New York congressman says he's not asking for leniency but exposure of the facts

  2. D-Day for Charlie Rangel

    All-Star panel tackles ethics case and future fallout for Democratic Party

  3. Charlie Rangel's Ethics Mess

    How much trouble will charges cause for fellow Democrats in November?

  4. The Journal Editorial Report: 7/31

    How much trouble will charges cause for fellow Democrats in November?

  5. Will Rangel Be Distraction for Democrats?

    Alan Colmes rates how much ethics trial could affect party's wins or losses

  6. How to Do the Mind Control Trick

    Use number properties to make people believe you can read their minds.

  7. Rangel Charged With 13 Ethics Violations

    Embattled Democrat's future up in air

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