Venezuela minister removed just as father-in-law, a top opposition figure, is charged

Venezuela's tourism minister has been replaced just as his father-in-law, the mayor of Caracas, is being charged with conspiring against the socialist government.

President Nicolas Maduro went on television Tuesday night to announce that he had decided to give Andres Izarra a new job, though he didn't offer more information.

Hours earlier, prosecutors said Caracas Mayor Antonio Ledezma had been formally charged with criminal conspiracy. Ledezma was arrested by secret police Feb. 19 on charges that he tried to destabilize the government. His backers say he is a political prisoner.

Izarra is married to Ledezma's stepdaughter, Isabel Gonzalez.

Maduro named Marlenys Contreras to replace Izarra as tourism minister was. Her husband is parliament speaker and ruling party power-broker Diosdado Cabello.