Supreme Court's Ruling Incites Fear Among Latinos

Some in the Hispanic community consider the US Supreme Court ruling on SB 1070 a big step backward.

Whether they are here legally or not, people we talked to say they worry law enforcement can now harass them for any reason.

At the Carneceria in Phoenix Monday morning, people say they already see an impact of the Supreme Court ruling. They say there is more fear in the air.

"There's a lot of fear... one would want to just go out honest, and do things they want to do and one just can't. One comes out even to the corner and they have that fear that you could be deported back to Mexico," said Phoenix resident Jorta Torres.

Josabeth Moreno, 18, said she and her friends feel it.

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"A lot of students are graduating from high school and they're trying to drive, go to work and they can't even do that. Why? Because we're going to be scared to even get arrested," says Moreno.

The provision allows law enforcement to check for immigration status. This man said some Hispanics believe they will now be targeted more than ever.

"The police have been more constant after people. They don't just stop you because of a traffic violation, they stop you because they see you with a Mexican face or with dark skin. There's just no excuse," he said [translated from Spanish].

While Phoenix's new police chief and city leaders assured the community they will not tolerate violations of any person's civil rights, Moreno says mistrust and new fears of deportation are paralyzing this community, leaving many too frightened to even try to change things.

"They can change the way things are, but that's the thing a lot of people are scared to stand up for their rights."

In some cases they're scared to even leave their homes.

A store worker said business is already down for a Monday morning. He believes the word spread quickly that this provision was upheld, and some people here are once again too afraid to go outside.

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