Rescuers rush to passenger boat in danger of sinking off Indonesia with 122 aboard

Rescuers are battling high waves as they rush to reach 122 people aboard a passenger boat in danger of sinking in central Indonesia.

Roki Asikin, who heads the search and rescue agency in South Sulawesi province, says the fiberglass boat was on its way from Kolaka to Siwa, towns on Sulawesi island, carrying 108 passengers and 14 crew members when it was caught in high waves Saturday.

Asikin said the boat was hit by waves more than 3 meters (10 feet) high, causing it to spring a leak.

Six rescue boats and ships were sent from Central and South Sulawesi provinces.

The rescue vessels were being hampered by high waves. Asikin said he expects them to arrive at the boat's location in the very early hours of Sunday.