Pre-teen Nigeria bomber detonates early, second bomber lynched

One person was seriously hurt when a pre-teen suicide bomber detonated her explosives early during an attack in Nigeria on Saturday, and an angry crowd captured another female bomber and lynched her, AFP reported.

No one had claimed responsibility for the attack, which occurred near a food vendor selling noodles around 9:30 p.m.; however, the incident resembled the type of assault typically used by the Boko Haram terror group. Two girls under the age of 10 had blown themselves up in December in attacks that injured 19.

“[Judging] from her corpse the girl was around 10 years old,” witness Grema Usman told AFP of the New Year's Eve bomber.

An aid worker said the girl’s age may have made her nervous, causing her to detonate the bomb before she reached the crowd.

Borno state police spokesman Victor Isuku said the second female attacker’s bomb was safely detonated by security forces.