Polish lawmakers slam 1968 purge of Jews, praise protest

Poland's lawmakers have approved a resolution marking mass anti-communist protests that occurred 50 years ago and condemning an anti-Semitic purge that ensued.

Both the ruling party and the opposition backed the resolution on the 1968 events in communist-ruled Poland. The lower house of parliament voted 424-3 with two abstentions to approve it on Tuesday.

Students defending a banned anti-totalitarian play initiated the protests, which the ruling communist factions used in their infighting that climaxed in the purge of Jews.

Some 13,000 Jews were forced to leave Poland that year and the purge has continued to weigh on relations between Poles and Jews.

The resolution mentioned respect for those who "fought for freedom and democracy" and condemned anti-Semitism and the "communist organizers of anti-Semitic persecution."