Myanmar bulldozes what is left of Rohingya Muslim villages

New satellite imagery of Myanmar's Rakhine state shows the country's government is using bulldozers to completely flatten dozens of Rohingya Muslim villages that were burned during violence last year.

Human rights groups say authorities are destroying "crime scenes" that contain evidence of atrocities committed by the nation's security forces, who are accused of carrying out massacres and widespread rape.

The operation has horrified the Rohingya, who believe the government is intentionally eviscerating their culture to stop their return.

Satellite imagery from DigitalGlobe indicates at least 28 villages or hamlets were leveled by bulldozers and other machinery in a 30-mile (50-kilometer) radius around Maungdaw between December and February.

A similar analysis by Human Rights Watch on Friday said at least 55 villages have been affected so far.