Man clings to frozen car roof in his underwear to stop thief

It’s a stunt so crazy, some people believe Bruce Willis would shy away.

A man in Norway determined to stop a thief from stealing his car jumped onto the roof and held on -- while only wearing his underwear as the temperature hovered near zero degrees Fahrenheit.

Police in Kristiansand say the 25-year-old car owner woke up Wednesday morning to the rumbling of his VW Passat's engine, the BBC reports. He raced out of his home and grabbed onto the bars on the roof of his car as it sped off.

Local police chief Jan Nesland told TV2 News that the thief managed to reach speeds of up to 56 mph. But the man smashed the back window of the car with his knee and was able to grapple with the thief before the vehicle crashed into a safety barrier.

The car owner was left “pretty bloody” and the suspect has been taken into custody, authorities said.

“Bruce Willis wouldn't have managed that,” Nesland added.

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