Macedonia: Opposition leader accuses PM of attempting to cover up police killing

Macedonia's opposition leader has accused the country's prime minister of attempting to cover up the 2011 death of a 22-year-old beaten by police during postelection celebrations.

Social Democrat head Zoran Zaev released a dozen audio recordings Tuesday in which people purported to be Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, the country's intelligence chief, its interior minister and other officials discuss how to cover up the death of Martin Neskoski.

Neskoski was a supporter celebrating Gruevski's election win. A member of the prime minister's security and special police unit was convicted and sentenced to 14 years.

Zaev accuses Gruevski of illegally wiretapping 20,000 Macedonians. He says unspecified people gave him the recordings, which he has been publishing.

Gruevski says the wiretaps were done by foreign spies and accuses Zaev of plotting a coup.