Israel Defense Minister Warns of Going After Hezbollah in Lebanon Again

Israel's defense minister warns that the Israeli army may have to go into Lebanon again to go after the terror group Hezbollah.

Ehud Barak says Hezbollah may need a reminder of the 2006 war.

"Even though it's quiet and deterrence exists -- Hezbollah remembers the the heavy beating they suffered from us in 2006 -- but it is not forever, and you may want to be called to enter again," Barak said, according to the Daily Telegraph.

His comments come as the terror group's leader says they are ready for war with Israel.

"I tell the fighters of the resistance that one day they might be asked to liberate the Galilee... The Israelis are afraid," Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said during "Resistance Martyrs Day" Wednesday, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Nasrallah went on to say that the main problem of the Middle East is "the existence of Israel."

The 34-day war between Israel and Hezbollah killed 1,200 people in Lebanon and 160 Israelis.

"We must be prepared for every test. The secret is reacting fast in the event that something happens, and within seconds, translating everything you learned in your training," Barak said, according to the Telegraph.

Israel's defense minister also insisted that the peace deal with Egypt will remain in place despite the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak.

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