Indonesian court to proceed with trial in cyanide murder

An Indonesian court has decided to proceed with the trial of a woman accused of murdering her friend by lacing her coffee with cyanide.

The 27-year-old defendant, Jessica Kumala Wongso, was charged with planning the Jan. 6 poisoning of Wayan Mirna Salihin because of the victim's advice that she sever her relationship with her troublesome boyfriend. The two were former classmates in Australia.

The Central Jakarta District Court said Tuesday that the indictment submitted by prosecutors "clearly, accurately and comprehensively" explained the murder.

Wongso's lawyers have ridiculed the prosecution's contention that Salihin's advice that she end her relationship led to the murder. They said the explanation "could not be accepted by common sense."

The trial is to resume July 12 with the testimony of witnesses presented by prosecutors.