Hundreds of Islamic extremists protest in Pakistan's capital

Hundreds of Islamic extremists who violently protested the hanging of a man who killed a secular governor are continuing their demonstration in Pakistan's capital.

The rally by Pakistan's Sunni Tehreek group saw more than 10,000 protesters enter Islamabad on Sunday, damaging buildings and bus stations. On Tuesday, police said some 700 remained, bringing the most sensitive parts of the capital to a standstill.

The protesters are demanding Pakistan strictly enforce Shariah, or Islamic, law, after the hanging of police officer Mumtaz Qadri, who killed Gov. Salman Taseer in 2011.

Tuesday's sit-in continued despite Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's overnight warning that his government will fight extremists. His comments followed the massive suicide bombing that targeted Christians gathered for Easter in Pakistan's eastern city of Lahore that killed 72 people.