Guatemalan immigrant claims demons told him to kill girlfriend in Florida

An undocumented Guatemalan immigrant living in Florida reportedly told police that two “demons in his head” told him to kill his girlfriend in cold blood.

According to People magazine, Tallahassee resident Marco Perez, 25, told police that he killed his girlfriend, 25-year-old Idelcira Perez, after she confronted him on Saturday with cheating allegations.

In the affidavit, Perez allegedly told police that their argument escalated after his girlfriend  pushed him, which motivated him to begin striking her in the head – beating her unconscious.

At one point, police say, Perez dragged the woman into the woods, where she beat her some more and eventually killed her. He then covered her body with debris and leaves.

When Perez called police the next day, he initially told officers two men with marks and guns forced him to beat her up and bury her, People magazine reported.

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However, Perez then allegedly changed his story, saying the two men were actually demons in his head telling him what to do.

Idelcira’s remains were recovered from a nearby wooded area, police said.

Perez was charged with murder and being held in the Leon Country Jail on bail, People reported.

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