Exiled Iranian opposition figure welcomes Rowhani's victory in Iran elections

A leading exiled Iranian opposition figure has welcomed the victory of a moderate candidate Hasan Rowhani in Iran's presidential vote, which he said could be a positive change for the country.

Ardeshir Amir Arjomand , who was the chief advisor to opposition leader Mir Hussein Mousavi, said Saturday that while Rowhani is backed by the reformists, he is still linked to Iran's powerful religious base in Qom and is "more a man of the center than a reformist" himself.

On the nuclear issue, he says that Rowhani, Iran's former nuclear negotiator, will "negotiate in a constructive way with the international community to find a resolution to the problem."

Arjomand says that Rowhani's strong showing could be explained by his embrace of certain demands of the democratic movement in the country.